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Short Answer. Discount Tire's Certificate for Repair, Refund or Replacement — which costs anywhere from $10 to $100 price tire — is worth it for those those purchase expensive tires additionally want to protect diehards or for those who drive often and/or on roadways that are inbound poor condition..

Parts for a new tire may include a TPMS rebuild kit or rubber valve stem, and Life of Tire Maintenance includes Rotation, Rebalance, Tire Flat Repair, Inspection and Air Check. Installation charges may vary based off market and installation complexity. Winter Tires . Winter tire removal and/or reinstallation may require additional fees.Jan 4, 2023. #5. Based on what I just checked on at Discount Tire, it's ~20% of the tire cost. I think this is always the grand ol' question, is "insurance" worth it. No when you don't need it, Yes when you do. We really need a large set of data points of those people who used the Certs and those who replaced the tires due to age without ever ...At Discount Tire Direct, were are proud to be the with mail your tire enterprise at offer a tire replacement certificate. Get more about our Certificate for Refund or Replacement at Click to view and Accessibility Policy. General 800-589-6789 Hours: M-F (8am-9pm) Sat (9am-6pm) EST.

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Is is in regards to purchasing aforementioned "Certficates" for tires with Discount Tire (DT). I used as an example Yokohama Geolandar A/T G015 225 /60 R17 (60,000 miles warranty). i have always purchased an certificates forward become purchases at DT, typically reject her then getting a discount.Discount Tire | Tires and Wheels for Sale | Online & In-Person. Appointments. Tips Fleet Deals.Analysis. Both Discount Tire and Costco deliver excellent tire installation services, with Costco’s nitrogen inflation offering a potential advantage for maintaining tire pressure longer. However, Discount Tire’s additional services, such as alignment, can be appealing for customers seeking a one-stop solution for their tire needs.

Basically Discount Tire offers a certificate for like $100 on top of the tires and guarantees the tires for three years. But what’s the point of the certificate if Discount Tire already fixes flats for free? ... On my old car, I got a whole new set under warranty over the course of 4 years. Was worth it in my book. Also, wait to buy until a ...I necessity a new set of tires and its $80 per tire. Anyone have any experience is way... Inland Bound. Menu. Overland Bound. Saving. Forums. How-Tos New posts Search forums. Map. Rallye Spot. ... Are Discount Tire certificates worth it? Thread home 807adventures; Start date Jan 4, 2023; Forums.They are offering me certificates for repair, refund or replacement at $19.50 per tire, for a total cost of $78. The coverage is as follows: Discount Tire/America's Tire will replace any tires that have certificates that fail due to defect or road hazard damage that cannot been repaired.Recently purchased four brand-new tires for our suv - total cost WITH warranty was 503.43. Warranty was $10 per tire. Husband works in the oil field, and ran over a mesquite bush thorn which punctures the tire- took it in to walmart and got a new tire, free. End of story- warranty has more than paid for itself.

Welcome to Discount Tire serving the Midway District and surrounding neighborhoods of San Diego. We're located on Midway Drive west of Rosecrans Street, easily accessible from Interstates 5 and 8. Find us across from the Smog Inspection Station. We specialize in new tires and rims. Our expert services include wheel and tire installation ...1. Reply. Award. Share. ACslayer17. • 2 yr. ago. Worth it. Got new expensive tires last year, next day I got a nail in the perfect place where they couldn't repair it. Didn't cost me …Once they replace tires, you need to pay another $30 if need the warranty for replaced tire. $30 seems like a good deal. I went ahead and ordered a set (4) of 245/40/18s with certificates, install, TPMS rebuild, mount/balance, etc for $910. Plus there was a $70 rebate so $840 total cost. ….

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Question about Discount Tire Certificate . I recently went to Discount Tire to get a blowout replaced as it was under their certificate coverage. When the salesperson asked if I wanted to transfer the cert to the new tire for $35, I said not really because the other 3 are about to fall out of coverage and what's one tire covered good for. ...Store Locator. Discount Tire 5931 Rufe Snow Dr. Discount Tire Watauga. My Selected Store. 5931 rufe snow drwatauga,TX76148. 4.8. (245 reviews) (817) 893-1697. Directions.

If a tire covered by the Certificate for Refund, Repair or Replacement fails due to a defect or an unrepairable road hazard, and still has legal tread (3/32" ) remaining across the tire, and it has been in use less than 3 years from date of purchase, Discount Tire/America's Tire will give a refund of the full purchase price, together with the ...Short Answer. Rebate Tire's Certificate for Renovate, Refund press Replacement — which costs anywhere from $10 to $100 per tire — is worth it for those who purchase expensive exhausts and require toward protect them or for those who drive often and/or on roads this are in poor exercise.You can buy this certificate at the time of tire purchase for $21.00 per tire. Provides Comprehensive Technical Resources. ... Is Discount Tire Direct Worth Trying? Discount Tire Direct is one of the leading self-governing tire retailers in the United States. Thousands of individuals across the country have been using this platform to buy tires ...

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